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Cut-Tex® PRO - Globally Renowned Cut Resistant Fabric                                                                  



10 years of research and development, backed by 100 years of collective experience in British Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, and Security Services made Cut-Tex® PRO the best cut resistant fabric on the international market. 

As a result, we are on a mission to equip those at risk from knife attacks and workplace injury with trusted British protective clothing.

Cut-Tex® PRO in Action


Due to its strong and lightweight engineering, Cut-Tex® PRO is a solid foundation for product development. So we invite you to unlock our fabric's potential with new real-world applications.

Whatever you create, you will need to test the final product to make sure it meets your needs. However, Cut-Tex® PRO will ensure your cut, tear, and abrasion resistant product engineering has a flying start. 


In order to safeguard frontline workers and officers, we have also developed our own PPE under the following brands:

  • SlashPRO® - Designed for security officers, covert operatives, and prison guards at risk from slashing injuries. Thin enough to be worn under uniform, civilian clothing, and body armour, while shielding extremities from knife attacks.
  • CutPRO® - Workers in the sheet metal and glass industries are at constant risk from cut injuries. To suit their needs we have developed a range of lightweight CE II certified protective workwear offering cut level 5 protection. Safeguard your team with the best.
  • BitePRO® - Nurses, carers, teachers, and parents of those exhibiting challenging behaviours deserve protection as they fulfil their duty of care. Therefore, we developed bite resistant arm guards and protective clothing which aims to not trigger challenging behaviours where possible. 

We are driven to continue to provide individuals who have committed to protect our freedom, to serve those most in need, and develop industries, with the safeguarding they deserve from growing operational risks.

But, whatever your reasons for wanting to use Cut-Tex® PRO, we would love to hear from you. We offer competitive pricing for our fabric, to encourage its use worldwide.

Why Choose Our Cut Resistant Fabric?

Tested & Certified Cut Protection
Exceptional Durability
Thoroughly Field Tested
Machine Washable
Multiple Applications
Comfortable Against Skin

Our Cut Resistant Fabric Performance

Cut-Tex PRO Performance Chart


Glass & Metal Fabrication
Mental Health Care
Travel Bags
Ice Hockey
Cut Resistant Fabric for Powerboating