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High Performance Cut Resistant Fabric For Clothing & More

Cut resistant fabric, offering extreme and dependable levels of cut resistance is essential in many different applications, such as cut resistant clothing.

CutPRO® cut resistant clothing for the flat glass and sheet metal industry, SlashPRO® slash resistant clothing and slash resistant gloves for homeland and private security professionals, as well as BitePRO® bite resistant clothing for mental health care and special educational needs professionals all benefit from such highly technical fabrics.

Our highly acclaimed Cut-Tex® PRO has most likely become the world’s most successful and respected cut resistant fabric since its launch almost a decade ago. Cut-Tex® PRO is now also available in black (subject to MOQ of 960m2).

Cut-Tex® EXTREM, our very latest addition, will equally make history and is offering previously unthinkable levels of protection.

Designers and entrepreneurs from the world of ice hockey and ice speed skating, theft proof travel bags and even power boating could see the potential and have invested in research and development. Since incorporating our fabrics and establishing final product designs, many have now successfully launched their new innovative brands of cut resistant clothing or other products.

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Glass & Metal Fabrication
Homeland Security
Mental Health Care
Travel Bags
Ice Hockey
Cut Resistant Fabric for Powerboating

Why Choose Our Cut Resistant Fabric?

Tested & Certified Cut Protection
Exceptional Durability
Thoroughly Field Tested
Machine Washable
Multiple Applications
Comfortable Against Skin

Our Cut Resistant Fabric Performance

Cut-Tex PRO Performance Chart

Latest News

UK based cut resistant clothing manufacturer PPSS Group have now launched their latest ultra-high performance cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex® EXTREM.

Cut-Tex® EXTREM is a silvery/grey looking, soft and quite stretchy knitted cut proof fabric, not much thicker than a normal t-shirt. It is a ground-breaking combination of highly technical fibres, resulting in a truly exceptional and dependable protective textile.

Cut-Tex® EXTREM is offering 56.5N of tested and certified cut protection according to ISO 13997:1999. Official test reports are also available to confirm ASTM F2992-15 Cut Level A9 and EN 388:2016 Cut Level F.

We believe that a fabric offering such extreme levels of cut resistance is essential in many different applications, ranging from ice hockey, theft proof travel bags, power boating all the way to slash resistant gloves.