Cut-Tex PRO Slash Resistant Fabric

Apparel For Homeland & Private Security

Cut-Tex® PRO is used in high performance slash resistant clothing, such as the highly acclaimed SlashPRO® brand.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and especially slash resistant clothing made from Cut-Tex® PRO is ideal for working in environments where contact with edged weapon (knives and blades) and potentially aggressive, hostile or intoxicated individuals is a regular occurrence.

This potentially life saving type of PPE aims to effectively protecting homeland security (police, prison, immigration, customs, border force) and other security and public facing professionals around the world.

Specifically developed to effectively improve their personal safety, slash resistant clothing offers cut protection to key arteries and other highly vulnerable areas, ultimately preventing rapid blood loss, subsequent shock and ultimately death.

Slash Resistant Clothing: Video

It has become a daily occurrence for us to hear stories of individuals grabbing a kitchen knife and causing serious harm and injury to others. Religious and political extremism, social exclusion and poverty, social media, drugs as well as serious mental illnesses are blamed for the global increase of knife crime.

Knives have also become the weapon of choice for so called “lone-wolf” attackers, due to the low planning and training required to execute a knife attack whether against an individual or groups of people.

Please read our CEO’s recent article: “The Danger of Slashing | Human Anatomy”

Italian homeland security agency to use Cut-Tex PRO to protect officers


This is just one of many many examples we could highlight to illustrate how governments around the world try to protect their officers.  Covert Operatives, Surveillance Specialists and many others share the desire to wear 100% covert / concealable protective clothing, as body armour would simply ‘blow their cover’.

Cut-Tex PRO is now part of PPE (personal protective equipment) in uniforms, tactical apparel, workwear and other types of clothing, protecting vital blood vessels and arteries from laceration.

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Additional Brands:

CutPRO® Cut Resistant Clothing for the flat glass and sheet metal production/processing.

BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing for bite resistant clothing for mental health care facilities, high security hospitals and special educational needs professionals.

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