Bite Resistant Clothing for Health Care and Education

Cut-Tex® PRO is used in bite resistant clothing and arm guards, such as in the highly acclaimed BitPRO® brand

Designed to protect health care and education professionals working with challenging behaviour from human bites. Such protective clothing also prevents injuries resulting from scratching and pinching.

Cut-Tex® PRO prevents teeth from breaking the skin, effectively reducing the risks of serious injury and infection associated with human bites. Bite resistant clothing is comfortable and discreet, and it is equally safe for both wearer and patient/student.

Bite Resistant Clothing: Video

It is a well-known fact that working within the mental health facilities, special educational needs schools and other public facing sectors comes with a certain risk. However, it is without question that these environments would be much safer places to work if the appropriate protection is being used.

BitePRO Bite Resistant Clothing

BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing can be deemed as ‘appropriate’, especially if previous incidents of biting, scratching or pinching have been reported and recorded.

The consequence of being bitten is not simply the level of pain one might experience, and neither the cosmetic issue of any potential scars.

Bite Resistant Clothing: It Can Prevent Serious Injuries

It is a fact that a human bite can become infected and contaminated with pathogens, especially if the skin is being ‘penetrated’. Human bites can also lead to infections because of the number of bacteria and viruses in a human mouth. Transmissions of viruses, such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV are as well a real possibility.

Please note that for example PPSS Group and its BitePRO® branded bite resistant protective garments have already offered literally thousands of frontline. Professionals in mental health care, special education, and associated services continue to benefit from the peace of mind such clothing is offering, and the support they provide to children and adults in their care.

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