Cut-TEX-PRO cut resistant fabric

Disclaimer: The information on this technical data sheet is based on the current status, as well as our personal experience with Cut-Tex® PRO. However, the information should not diminish the responsibility of the user to ensure with due care, that our Cut-Tex® PRO cut resistant fabric is suited for the intended purpose, surface and application.

Product Description

Cut-Tex® PRO is an ultra high performance cut resistant fabric, made from an innovative combination of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and other technical fibres weaved by special high-density knitting machines.

Cut-Tex® PRO is manufactured at a UK based ISO 9001:2008 quality standard controlled manufacturing facility.

Key Applications

Cut-Tex® PRO has countless potential applications:

  • Slash resistant clothing for frontline professionals working in hostile environments such as prisons, correctional facilities, homeland security and policing, effectively preventing lacerations, subsequent rapid blood loss and death.
  • Cut resistant clothing for workers in the flat glass, sheet metal, recycling and automotive industries
  • Bite resistant clothing for professionals working with vulnerable children, young people and adults with challenging behaviour such as biting or scratching. Even if Cut-Tex® PRO cannot stop the sometimes severe bruising following a human bite, it will eliminate the risk of potentially severe infections following skin penetration.
  • Most recently Cut-Tex® PRO is being used to create cut resistant seating within public transport, cut resistant back packs or cases for travellers, and protective clothing for animals.

Many other tests around the world are currently conducted to establish additional applications.

Standards Width & Length of Fabric Roll

  • Cut-Tex® PRO fabric is knitted on a circular machine, resulting in a tube of material, measuring 80 cm flat width (160 cm cut open)
  • Cut-Tex® PRO fabric is supplied as a tube of material. Each roll is 25 m in length (40 m2)

American Dimensions

  • Cut-Tex® PRO is knitted on a circular knitting machine, resulting in a tube of material measuring 25 m (82.021 feet)) in length.
  • The flat width is 80cm (31.4961"), when cut open this equals 1.6m (62.9921"). The total area of 1 x roll of Cut-Tex® PRO equates to 40 m2 (43 ft2)

Fabric Weight

  • 447gsm (grams per square metre)

Protection Levels

  • EN ISO 13997 (TDM-100 Test) Cut Resistance Level E = 26.4 Newtons
  • ISO 13997:1999 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5 = 26.4 Newtons
  • ANSI/ISEA 2016 Blade Cut Resistance Level A5 = 2681 grams/force
  • EN388:2003 (coupe test) Cut Resistance Level 5 = 26.4 Newtons
  • EN 388:2016 Tear Strength Level 4 = 518.2 Newtons
  • EN 388:2016 Abrasion Resistance Level 3 = More than 2,000 cycles
  • EN 388:2016 Puncture Resistance Level 4 = 271.6 Newtons

After Washing Test Report

On 16th April 2018 the following test was conducted at an independent test facility.

  • A sleeve made out of 100% Cut-Tex® PRO was being washed/laundered 5 x 40C washes, 5 x 155-160C drying finishes and conditioned for 24 hours at 23+/-2oC and 50+/-5%RH
  • Following the above the BS EN 388:2016 Cut Resistance Level: 27.2N / Level E


  • Cut-Tex® PRO is available in one standard colour: ‘Grey Marl’

Additional Information

  • Cut-Tex® PRO has been washed in TEN Durawash twin-tub industrial machines. This is equivalent to 50 washes in a domestic washing machine. The cut resistance level, following this washing process has INCREASED by 4%. Test reports from INTERTEK are available upon request.
  • Cut-Tex® PRO is bleach resistant
  • Cut-Tex® PRO is a yarn dyed fabric
  • Cut-Tex® PRO is NOT fire retardant, but it can be treated with any high quality flame retardant spray/wash.
  • Cut-Tex® PRO is only available from UK based PPSS Group.
  • For intellectual property/copyright reasons, our high performance fabric cannot be marketed or sold under the name Cut-Tex® PRO in Germany.

Working with Cut-Tex® PRO

Cutting of Cut-Tex® PRO

  • We recommend the Su Lee RC-280 Round Knife Cutter or CNC cutting for high volumes.

Sewing Needle Type

  • We recommend Groz-Beckert RG tip needles to sew Cut-Tex® PRO.
  • Needle thickness: we recommend 90 thick

Thread Type

  • We recommend Amann’s thread (model: Saba)

Would you please describe the equipment you use for these operations?

  • We recommend overlock Juki machines with cutting knife system. However it seems that it is more a matter of experience and skill rather than any special techniques. We do not use any non- traditional sewing or hemming techniques. We could send a sample for you to evaluate.

How much would the fabric and threads cost us?

  • We would only supply the fabric. You would have to source your own threads.

Do you know the international customs code for the fabric and production?

  • Fabric: 60063300
  • Garments (made of Cut-Tex® PRO: 61103091)