Cut-Tex® PRO is an ultra-high performance cut and slash resistant fabric, produced in the United Kingdom. Not only does the fabric offer outstanding cut, tear, puncture and abrasion resistance, it is pH neutral and comfortable to wear against the skin.

We hope these videos offer some inspiration for your own products and demonstrate the true power of Cut-Tex® PRO.

We test the performance of Cut-Tex PRO® against a shard of broken glass, demonstrating how supremely effective the fabric is against cuts and lacerations.

CEO Robert Kaiser demonstrates the oustanding performance of clothing made from Cut-Tex® PRO.

Cut-Tex® PRO features on German ProSieben science show, Galileo (2017)

YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker puts our slash resistant t-shirt to the test!

Following a truly brilliant meeting between with Jason Yang, CEO of Gong Wei, one of our licensed distributors in China, the following video was produced by Gong Wei to highlight the incredible performance of Cut-Tex® PRO

We met with these very creative individuals and were very impressed with their vision. Their request was that they do not need to mention Cut-Tex® PRO in their video and marketing in order to reduce the risk of creating immediate competition and capture their market for as long as possible. We kindly agreed to that!

Watch as Kayleigh Davis talks all things BitePRO® and how our clothing range can protect human bites, scratches and more.