Cut-Tex® PRO Is Without Question The World’s Most Advanced Cut Resistant Fabric

Cut-Tex-PRO Cut Resistant Fabric

Cut-Tex® PRO is a ground-breaking combination of highly technical fibres, weaved by special high-density knitting machines, resulting in a truly outstanding cut and slash resistant fabric.

PPSS Group, a UK based company which produces high performance body armour and supplies them to homeland security agencies and other at risk clients around the globe, claim Cut-Tex® PRO is the world’s best, which is reinforced by passing several of the most stringent European and International Standards for cut, tear and abrasion resistance.

Cut-Tex® PRO passed all tests with the highest levels possible for textiles, highlighting clearly its level of cut protection is exceptional. Additional test reports confirm the durability of this fabric is clearly outperforming other fabrics such as Kevlar®.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group, said: “The potential applications for our exceptional cut resistant fabric are endless. Cut-Tex® PRO is now being used by uniform manufactures in several countries ensuring the highest level of cut protection is offered to prison and law enforcement officers and other homeland security professionals.”

“We invite tactical apparel manufacturers to contact us in order to help them design and produce personal protective clothing that is specifically designed around the precise operational threats, risks and duties of their valued customers”.

The British saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ seems to make more sense within the world of personal safety than anywhere else.

The team at PPSS Group genuinely believe that lining specific areas of a uniform with Cut-Tex® PRO, means effectively shielding the most vulnerable areas and key arteries, which without any question will help reduce the risk of accidental cut injuries, malicious workplace violence related slash injuries and even death.

Please note that PPSS Group is currently not employing any Spanish speaking personnel, but with the help of translation software most questions can be answered reasonably quickly.

Please visit email or contact PPSS Group on +44 (0) 845 5193 953.